Swansea University

Project Info

Client: Swansea University Location: Swansea Year: 2016

How can a fast expanding university make the most of its limited space? 

Swansea University is a quickly expanding higher education facility , however it only has limited space to grow. From a real estate perspective, Swansea University couldn’t see a way of accommodating the increasing numbers of support staff needed to run their campus efficiently. They required a solution that would take what already exists on campus, and rework it to become more efficient and able to provide what was needed for staff and students alike. What seemed like a difficult challenge was soon solved with some analysis and creativity from Squaredot.

The first part of the Squaredot process was x-raying the organisation and carrying out due diligence on the campus buildings. This was in order to understand the day-to-day workings and processes throughout the university and the people within it. Findings revealed that the team was separated across seven different locations, spanning two campuses. This was an inefficient way of working, so following further studies a solution was reached. Not only could everyone fit onto one floor of the same building, but a second floor could be opened up and developed into a space that demonstrated the standards and values that everyone using the campus could aspire to.

A design feasibility study was conducted, mapping out what was possible against the initial brief which was then developed to capture all aspects associated with the refurbishment or change management programme. This was further refined to meet the overall aspirations of the University and create a more compact yet efficient space to work from. The estates office became a showcase of how workspaces of all types can look, and how they can thrive. 

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