Our Approach


Our methodology begins and ends with understanding and inspiring you. We start by listening to and understanding your visions and goals for your organisation. Through a comprehensive analysis of your People, Process and Place, we gain valuable insights to ultimately design an environment that will inspire your employees to thrive.

As part of our integrated approach, we know that your people, process and place make up the DNA of your workplace. Our innovative system of understanding these three important factors enables us to develop a unique, bespoke work environment that is truly designed around your needs.


We conduct a thorough assessment of your people’s preferences, activities and goals to reveal how they feel about the workplace and, importantly, the difference that a refreshed work setting will make.


By changing your surroundings based on your business processes, activities and mission; performance and efficiency can be optimised, while a happier and more productive organisation can be achieved. 


After a thorough analysis of your current space, we will create a new comfortable, motivational, inspirational, and stimulating environment that will change the way you think and feel at work.

Our Process

Squaredot offer a full end to end design consultancy service, following in parallel with the United Kingdom RIBA stage gates – These have been listed below as a fundamental part of our scope.


Onsite Observational Study

Online Survey

Stakeholder Interviews

Engagement Workshops

Feasibility & Space Planning

Preparation & Brief


Space Planning

Building Comparison


Concept Design

Scheme Design

Scheme Plus

Technical Development

Detailed Drawings 

Technical Specifications 


Construction Information 

Construction & Handover

Site Visits


As Built

Post Project Analysis

Check & Adjust

Observational Study

Interviews Post

Project Report

RIBA stage gates
Riba Stage Gate

What Matters To Us…

Sustainability | Community | Social Responsibility

From our studio to your work environment, Sustainability, Community and Social Responsibility are important considerations to Squaredot. We believe in the power that businesses of all sizes have in giving back to our communities and environment, so strive to create spaces that both increase productivity while minimising our (and your) carbon footprint.

By using sustainable products, materials and innovations in our designs whenever possible, and actively engaging with our local communities and wider social organisations, we are dedicated to seeing not only our people, but your spaces make a difference to the future of our world.

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