Project Info

Client: Savills Location: Birmingham Central Business District Year: 2019

Squaredot brings a modern and forward thinking design approach to Savills new Birmingham offices.

In the heart of the Birmingham Central Business District sit Savills new offices, the result of a consolidation of two previous offices following the acquisition of GBR Phoenix Beard and the immediate growth of a number of teams. Essential to the success of the leading property agents business going forward was a harmonious merging of two cultures and their different processes. It was key to create a dynamic and flexible work environment to house the newly formed teams, and ensure that it felt welcoming and inclusive. 

We conducted a utilisation study which projected that an agile working profile could accommodate the companies projected growth. The results of this analysis and our creative touch was a sleek office environment which embodies Savills values whilst also, importantly, supporting the business, its people and its clients. 

Throughout this project we considered that buildings of the future will focus on blending a plethora of environments and work settings. It was important to Squaredot and Savills to evolve what is appropriate in the working environment, without disrupting or distorting simply for the sake of it. Inherent to office designs now and in the future is understanding people’s needs and responding to them accordingly through the spaces we create. In this case, we understood the necessity of a flexible and dynamic environment where both existing and new members of the Savills team could work productively, efficiently, and comfortably throughout the growth happening around them.

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