PCA Predict

Project Info

Client: PCA Predict Location: Worcester Year: 2013

A new headquarters that reflect the innovative thinking and contemporary ways of working that help PCA Predict stand out from the crowd.

PCA Predict have always set themselves out from the crowd by setting new standards in technology within their industry and operating very differently from their competitors. Their contemporary way of working was to be a key aspect of their new headquarters, which they approached Squaredot to design.

The industrial building set to become the new HQ was originally three separate units. The challenge was converting this into one sleek, continuous set of spaces with linked elements that can support a fundamentally IT based infrastructure. The technical aspects of the space were able to be balanced with subtle cable-free zones atop a newly installed raised floor, however this did cause fresh challenges in re-engineering the buildings, stair cases, lift cores and re-utilising as much of the building fabric as possible. This approach contributed immensely to the contemporary feel of the building as a whole, with the final result delivering a series of functional yet versatile environments, allowing spaces to inter-connect with each other in a free and open way. The reception continues to reiterate the messaging and values of the company, with a warm and friendly atmosphere that welcomes staff and visitors through technology.

Employees find a level of care within the business that is often not found in the majority of other companies, and this once again needed to be reflected across the office space. Dedicated kitchen, dining, shower and changing facilities help to do precisely that, along with one of the main attractions and design features of the office – a refectory area taking up 20% of the ground floor area. This space has been created to incorporate ideas and encourage collaboration between the many different parts of the business, fostering innovation. To do this, the walls are covered with whiteboards where ideas can flow freely. 

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