Nuffield Health

Project Info

Client: Nuffield Health Location: Dorking Year: 2016

Despite considerable time and budget constraints, Squaredot brings new life to a Nuffield Health campus.

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity and has an industry leading network of 37 hospitals and 114 fitness and wellbeing centres, medical centres and workplace wellbeing facilities. An important part of Nuffield Health’s spaces is having a welcoming, on-brand environment that is also efficient and practical. 

Nuffield Health in Dorking is a Central Support Hub for customer enquiries and houses their Employee Relations team and People Support Centre. When it required a refresh they asked Squaredot to breathe new life into the dull, monotonous existing workspace. This was a challenging task due to considerable time and budget constraints, but Squaredot were keen to create a unique space which reflects the personality and brand values of Nuffield Health.

The main objective while planning was to understand the flow and interconnection of the various spaces and functional activities. We identified the different floor areas and wings as separate suites to help make the most of what the building already had to offer, and to ensure that each area was fit for its purpose. As well as practicality, Squaredot considered how to create an engaging, bright and motivational environment for Nuffield Health staff. Through strategically placed areas such as social & interactive hubs, as well as informal meeting and work settings, we were able to break up the rigid planning format, while adding considerable social and professional value to the campus. 

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