Manchester Airports Group

Project Info

Client: Manchester Airports Group Location: Manchester Year: 2021

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) was facing a major challenge, so looked to Squredot for an effective, creative solution.

As part of an expansion and redevelopment program in 2019, MAG approached Squaredot to conduct a comprehensive analysis of their existing offices. We discovered an inefficient working environment due to low space utilisation and uncoordinated cultural strategies/planning. Looking at the people, processes and places of MAG, we identified four worker profiles within the three distinct business functions that make up the group. We used this analysis to develop a workplace strategy focusing on user experience to enhance performance and engagement, and ultimately reshape how people work. Our aim was to improve functionality, efficiency, and overall building culture and design, while eliminating the dysfunctional spaces and inefficiencies.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced MAG to shift its objectives. A more dynamic and adaptable workspace was required to accommodate the changing needs of their employees, so MAG Headquarters in Olympic House underwent a complete redesign and restructuring. The transformation involved reducing the number of desks by 50% and introducing various creative and collaborative settings. The new workspace prioritised team and collaborative work, offering staff a choice of where and how they preferred to work, and were most motivated and productive. To support this cultural shift, technology and infrastructure were aligned, ensuring everyone had access to laptops, room and desk booking systems, cordless IT connectivity, and AV resources throughout the building.

Transforming the previous sterile, desk-centric environment had a positive impact on staff morale and played a pivotal role in drawing employees back to the office after COVID restrictions were lifted. After leaving a dull, grey environment, the people of MAG were excited to return to an uplifting and inspirational new space. The newly designed offices fostered creativity, collaboration, and improved communication, leading to increased productivity across the organisation.

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