Major City Based Financial Institution

Project Info

Client: Banking Year: 2012

Evolving work processes require evolved work spaces for this multi-national financial institution.

A major UK city based financial institution runs its technical development and operations support from a state-of-the-art technology hub with a set of unique spaces. At the heart of the facility is the command centre which monitors the financial institutions entire infrastructure, so the space had been designed to be adaptable to support crisis management. However, over a short period of time the space has evolved to become a technical innovation centre where the latest banking applications for smartphones are developed. Processes are now very project related and moving at an incredible pace, and collaborating with different skill sets and expertise spread across the globe is key to the success of this team. The financial institution developed a theoretical model to generate the most innovation out of their most creative people, which they called “The Hopper”.

Squaredot were invited by the financial institution to turn the existing “Blue sky thinking” space into a living work space, suitable for the growth and changes it has undergone. The resulting space was designed with creativity and collaboration in mind, with creative hubs and shared working spaces, interspersed with a mix of meeting and relaxation zones. Keeping to a low budget and eclectic specifications, Squaredot were able to inject personality contrasting to the “corporate” expectations of a financial institution, and transform the way employees work and deliver services to clients and customers.

The amount of Hopper locations are slowly being increased across this site and globally, in order to increase the frequency of virtual meetings. This also contributes greatly to breaking down work space barriers and inducing a more collaborative environment across the organisation.

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