Major City Based Credit Institution

Project Info

Client: Credit Facilities Year: 2012

Breaking from old-fashioned regimented office design to create an autonomous, flexible working space.

A change in design for this credit institution manifested a fundamental change to the business – culturally and behaviourally. When new, breakthrough technologies are introduced, it can tear up the principles underpinning a workplace suddenly, and cause a huge amount of disruption. Using mobile technology as an example, it promotes a less rigid or defined way of working, and includes more interactivity and socialisation. No longer being tied to a desk (or anywhere else) encourages a change in office behaviour and outputs, and challenges the norm of an office dominated by conventional, rigid desk layouts. This credit institution experienced such challenges, and approached Squaredot to help overcome them by refreshing their workplace to fit with their brand image and create the cultural and behavioural changes they wanted to see in their employees.

This new space needed to encourage staff to break away from old fashioned ideas of working situations, which are often very limiting and uninspiring. Squaredot broke down the floorplan into a varied mixture of zoned areas, offering everyone a choice of place to meet based on their wants and needs. Collaborative spaces and solo spots were designed to help motivate employees, meet their requirements, and allow for much more autonomy.

Injecting some asymmetry to replace the “ordered” spaces of before helped to create an office space that was conducive to open communication, less formal, and with more warmth. Areas were also designed with multi-functionality in mind, and the opportunity to bring exciting, intuitive and innovative technology to the entire space helped to further break the links formerly tying a room to its function. The work on this facility defines the start of a change in working practice and process that will be encouraged to grow organically over time. When people can work better, and in different ways, you’ll see them enjoy the freedom of autonomy and a happier, more efficient workplace overall.

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