Kimberly-Clark EMEA

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Client: Kimberly-Clark EMEA Year: 2016

A fresh approach to how space is used across Kimberly-Clarks European locations inspires a new way of working.

After the successful transformation of their Kings Hill offices in Kent, Kimberly-Clark knew that they could rely on Squaredot to create efficient, consistent spaces across their EMEA locations. Using the same model that resulted in a 44% increase of useable workspace, Squaredot started working on the 11 locations across Western Europe. While goals, tactics and approach remained consistent, the resulting designs were tailored for each unique location, ensuring that local differences were respected. 

The key to these projects was maximising the opportunity for a fresh approach to how space is used, and how business is conducted within it. Floor area was to be minimised without sacrificing important social and relaxation zones, and it was vital to avoid de-humanising the workspace through balanced, flexible design choices. Communal spaces offer a lively and natural environment for users to collaborate and socialise, while the use of colourful graphics speaks loudly about the Kimberly-Clark brand, and what it means to both consumer and employees. It was important to respect and consider cultural differences, and in each case Squaredot were sympathetic to the needs of the local team, mixing a blend of new ways of working, relaxing and collaborating within the complex structures of a global corporate business.

Using the Kimberly-Clark brand toolkit, Squaredot was able to inject the character and core values of the company across the 11 locations, while accommodating for variances in geography, culture and work-style. The principles of what Kimberly-Clark is trying to deliver are being supported through the WorkSmart Playbook, a manual which sets out how behaviour can be channelled and influenced so that the new work settings are used in the most beneficial and efficient ways.

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