Kimberly-Clark Brighton

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Client: Kimberly-Clark Brighton Location: Brighton Year: 2015


Adopting an alternative work strategy doesn't mean you have to tell your employees to stay away from the office. It's possible to reduce your real estate and keep employees at the workplace by creating in-house alternative spaces.

At Kimberly-Clarks EMEA Shared Services centre in Brighton there are settings and solutions to support all the ways people work - from privacy areas for focused, heads-down work to a variety of spaces designed and equipped to support collaboration and teamwork, which now comprises about 65% of the workday for most of the staff. But this revolution that Kimberly-Clark has under gone was also an opportunity to reflect visually what the company stands for and says about itself. They have numerous powerful brands that have now been reflected through a fun and relevant theme. With this latest Kimberly-Clark project we had an opportunity to inject the face and character of the business using the brand toolkit.
A calm and peaceful working environment reflecting its sea side location, there are plenty of dynamic and fun spaces that are visually stimulating. The look and feel achieved at Brighton reflects where the business is heading and demonstrates the core values to its staff and visitors alike. 

The principles of what the organisation is trying to deliver are being supported through a user guidelines manual. Branded as the WorkSmart Playbook it’s a supporting piece of information that addresses the reasons why Kimberly-Clark has addressed their requirements in the workplace. It also sets out how behaviour can be channelled and influenced so that the new work settings are used in the correct and appropriate way in order to benefit from all of the potential efficiencies associated with them.

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