Gerald Eve

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Client: Gerald Eve Location: London, West End Year: 2016

Senior Partner Simon Prichard says that Gerald Eve is a people business. Its staff and the value they add to their clients make them a trusted business partner and respected employer. So as an advisor on property, first impressions at their own office, count an awful lot. It was this key aspect that drove the refurbishment of their client facing space in their Welbeck Street offices in London’s West End.

So the reception received a glowing new makeover that sets an impression of confidence, professionalism yet a friendly tone upon entering the space. The welcome at Gerald Eve is always warm and friendly and the built environment now supports this crucial face to the business. The space is bright and open with a comfortable waiting area that reflects what the business stands for as well as being a practical and pleasant bit of space.

Gerald Eve understands that people are happier; more motivated and perform better when they can express their own identities. As a firm operating in a highly competitive skills-driven market, they need to work hard to attract and retain highly talented individuals. Ensuring that they can all be themselves, while working as a team, simply makes good business sense. A fact borne by its success and growth, meaning that it needed to take more space for the growing numbers of staff based there. But workspaces today are more than just an incremental increase in workstations mirroring the headcount. Gerald Eve have recognised the importance that alternative work settings play in the wider spectrum of the office landscape.

The work environment is now a key part of the strategy to help people feel a greater sense of belonging, purpose and engagement with their organisation. The range of varied elements will go a long way to supporting the ethics, values and efficiency of the staff in the office. The client facing spaces cement Gerald Eve’s principles and offer a bright new world for staff and visitors alike.

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