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Client: CBRE IM Location: London Year: 2022

CBRE IM employees are excited to be back in the office after a dramatic transformation.

Dark and cramped, CBRE IM’s desk saturated offices weren’t an appropriate work setting for their people’s needs, especially once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Squaredot were approached to dramatically improve the office environment at 1 New Change. The existing offices were to be re-purposed and transformed into a future-ready workplace that could support diverse demands on the space. Through thorough analysis, including creative workshops to gauge staff opinion, Squaredot experts engaged with CBRE IM to find a solution that would support current and future activities.

A variety of future-ready work spaces were introduced, including a large number of 2/ 4 person meeting pods to overall reduce the desk density by 50%, and make space for further flexible and collaborative areas. Current and future staff were considered throughout the design process, and up to 250 people can comfortably share 120 workstations and a further 80 collaborative areas throughout the building. Colour and natural materials were used to their full potential to transform the look and feel of the offices, and with new booking systems being used staff are able to be completely agile adapting a “work from anywhere” culture. 

A critical focus was on quiet and controllable acoustics, especially in the strategically placed lounges and relaxation spaces, so considerable acoustic improvements were made. As part of an overall approach to wellbeing, sustainable and natural surroundings can be found in these social and relaxation zones where employees will recognise some up-cycled and re-used furniture and fittings rescued from the previous dark and dreary environment. The dramatic transformation of 1 New Change has been warmly received by employees, who are more excited than ever to be back in the office. 

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