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Client: CareCo Location: Essex Year: 2022

New headquarters help improve cultural values and promote a passion for innovation within CareCo.

CareCo, a company dedicated to providing mobility solutions to help improve their customer’s way of life, were looking to develop new purpose built headquarters that were in line with their company’s values. Squaredot stepped in to design a space which would support CareCo employee’s wellbeing and welfare, whilst encouraging a motivated and positive working environment.

Following an in depth analysis of the people, processes and place of CareCo, Squaredot determined the ideal environmental factors and facilities that would help improve the day-to-day working lives of their employees whilst continuously supporting the dynamic growth of the business. Squaredot then worked closely with the architectural team on the interior planning and building concept to create a unique, innovative final result.

As it was vital that the facilities and design of the new HQ supported wellbeing, Squaredot incorporated a number of new facilities to help staff feel welcome and able to relax. The dynamic new landscape includes facilities such as a full cook café, external seating, break areas and relaxation zones, as well as showers and changing rooms. The vast array of work settings to choose from include workstations, product display areas, collaborative zones, quiet rooms and working pods, plus a variety of formal and informal meeting facilities.

Squaredot’s overall approach was to create a vibrant, flexible, modern and thoughtful workplace which can be adaptable to future needs while providing a comfortable space to support employee wellbeing. The investment in this new HQ and state of the art distribution centre has enabled CareCo to develop and grow from SME to multi-million pound organisation, and they continue to grow at a phenomenal pace. 

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