Bristol and Bath Science Park

Project Info

Client: Bristol and Bath Science Park Location: Bristol Year: 2011

Squaredot helps create a hub that encourages social connections, professional reflection and innovative ideas at Bristol and Bath Science Park.

Based in the South West, Bristol & Bath Science Park acts as a catalyst for businesses seeking to accelerate their success, and is a prestigious, perfectly connected hub for global brands. The park enables new businesses to access world class facilities and knowledge through Bristol University and local research power. At its core, it is vital that the hub encourages innovative thinking, supports the movement of information, and provides a space to network, collaborate and socialise with peers.

When approached to create a new hub for Bristol and Bath Science Park, Squaredot quickly identified the central atrium as the key to this project - the social heart providing an inspirational space to meet, eat, collaborate and network. Following an in depth analysis of the unique requirements and usage of the space, we created a concept that offers staff and visitors to the park a reflection of their professional and personal ambitions.

The environment is intended to cater to a diverse group of people, and so an exceptionally versatile space was required to meet the varied needs of those using the hub. Designed to be tailored to the sometimes unpredictable needs of a broad, diverse range of staff and visitors, the high quality buildings can offer isolated and exclusive workspaces to individuals while also providing shared spaces for meeting other professionals in a conducive, collaborative environment.

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