Birmingham City Council - Woodcock Street

Project Info

Client: Birmingham City Council Location: Birmingham Year: 2013

Squaredot helps Birmingham City Council with ambitious Business Transformation programme.

Birmingham City Council embarked on an ambitious Business Transformation programme with the aim of making fundamental changes to the way the council operates and delivering better services to the citizens of Birmingham, consistently and efficiently. As part of this programme, the council initiated an extensive office rationalisation and improvement initiative. 

The Council’s vision was to create a modern, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective workplace for the council's staff. To achieve this, Birmingham City Council partnered with Squaredot to develop a set of design guidelines that would be implemented across the council's nine buildings. These guidelines served as a framework for the programme, with the additional objective of allowing for future scalability and adaptability across projects.

The Business Transformation programme resulted in numerous benefits for Birmingham City Council, including optimising operations, improved productivity, and more efficiencent delivery of services. The modern and flexible workplace environment we created empowered staff to work efficiently and collaboratively, leading to enhanced service delivery for citizens. The programme spanned seven years in total, and a comprehensive analysis and reinvention of how and where Birmingham City Council conducted its business was a vital part of the process. The efforts and achievements of the programme were acknowledged by the British Council for Offices, who awarded a total of five BCO Design Awards in recognition of Squaredot’s outstanding work.

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