Avison Young

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Client: Avison Young Location: Birmingham Year: 2019

In need of a fresh environment to facilitate the move to new, more agile working methods, Avison Young turned to Squaredot. Global commercial real estate leaders Avison Young believe that commercial properties are about much more than just the buildings. They strive to bring their clients spaces to help their business and people become more productive, prosperous and positive, which aligns perfectly with Squaredots vision and values. Squaredot was tasked with incorporating these shared values in their new Birmingham offices, showcasing their brand values in a professional, modern office space facilitating their agile working methods and offering employees a sense of belonging. The results of a comprehensive review of how they were using their space allowed 40,000ft² to be consolidated down to just 25,500ft², and 380 employees were spread across 2 floors, as opposed to the existing 3½ floors previously occupied. The workplace now supports a 60% agility ratio across a number of alternative, smart spaces including assigned workstations, transient spaces, and sit/stand principles of working. Each floor is zoned by neighbourhood, allowing greater control of assigning and utilising the areas available, including generous amounts of rest and relaxation spots. The central feature of the office is the client front-of-house hub, designed to be versatile and adaptable for a wide variety of events and usage, e.g. informal one-2-one meetings, large seminars, informal presentations or for staff to simply carry out their daily activities in a fresh location. Immediately upon entering the building it is clear that the office space is not constrained by usual notions of how a workplace “should” be – the fluid welcoming experience of the reception area embodies the very nature of what Avison Young are about and how they want the world to view them.

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