Agile Spaces and Social Impact in Healthcare


Agile Spaces and Social Impact in Healthcare

The UKREiiF and Built Environment Healthcare Conference in November 2023 served as a catalyst for profound discussions on the future of healthcare infrastructure and operations. The event delved into crucial topics around the working environments in the healthcare industry, as well as social value in hospital estate projects. Kris Krokosz, Director and Co-founder of Squaredot, contributed significantly to two panel debates, shedding light on the importance of agile working and enhancing social value in healthcare settings.

Defining and Delivering Agile Spaces: Reshaping the NHS Working Landscape

One of the pivotal discussions at the conference revolved around "Defining & Delivering Agile Spaces." Kris Krokosz emphasised that agile working methodologies could profoundly transform the operations of the NHS. In an era marked by serious financial pressures, the need for efficiency is clear. Agile working presents an opportunity to revolutionise the traditional concept of work, and overcoming both the frustrations of the NHS and the barriers to change is key. Accepting that work is what you do and not where you work, and by prioritising pertinent activities over physical locations, healthcare professionals can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and optimise resource utilisation.

Enhancing Social Value: A Cornerstone of Hospital Estate Projects

In another enlightening panel on "Enhancing Social Value through Hospital Estate Projects and Operational Estates" Krokosz underscored the significance of maximising social value in healthcare endeavors. Beyond delivering clinical services, hospitals play a vital role as community assets, so it is imperative to ensure that healthcare infrastructure projects contribute positively to the well-being of both service recipients and providers. By prioritising social value, healthcare facilities can foster inclusivity, sustainability, and holistic care delivery.

As healthcare continues to evolve, events like the UKREiiF and Built Environment Healthcare Conference that spark these discussions play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and progress. Through agile working practices and prioritising social value, the challenges of healthcare delivery amidst financial constraints can start to be addressed head on, ultimately ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve in environments optimised for efficiency, effectiveness, and inclusivity.

Agile Spaces and Social Impact in Healthcare

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